Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association

Episode 10: Larry Berman, CMT, CFA

October 08, 2021 Larry Berman, CMT, CFA with Tyler Wood and Dave Lundgren, CMT, CFA Season 1 Episode 10
Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association
Episode 10: Larry Berman, CMT, CFA
Show Notes

Can technical analysis complement value investing? Yes, indeed.

 Fundamental practitioners are often grouped into value or growth styles of investing, while within the technical community the corollary styles are momentum vs mean reversion. In Episode #10, we speak with Canada’s foremost market expert Larry Berman, CMT, CFA who shares a compelling perspective on using technical analysis tools to position his funds toward undervalued securities. 

 Dogmatic believers in any style can consider this quote from the episode:

“There is no right or wrong in what we do. It’s just how you do it. 

And results are results.” – Larry M. Berman, CMT, CFA

 Fill the Gap covers a lot of ground this month, including: 

 •How fund managers can think about risk and objective outside the box,

•Details on a multi-factor diffusion model that combines technical, fundamental, and cyclical factors

•The behavioral implications of questions like “is China investable?” 

•Why “Thinking in Bets” is all any practitioner can do in a market of infinite uncertainties

 Larry gives concrete examples of how to use a multi-timeframe perspective to locate mean reversion opportunities, and explains how technical analysis can help investors avoid “value traps.” 

 Mr. Berman appears weekly on BNN’s Berman’s Call where he blends fundamentals with expert technical analysis to help Bloomberg viewers uncover opportunities in the marketplace. He is a Co-Founder of ETF Capital Management and The Independent Investor Institute — an organization dedicated to providing unbiased education to Canadian investors. With nearly twenty-five years of investment industry experience, Larry is an accomplished money manager across the equity, commodity, foreign exchange, and fixed income markets.

 To better understand the concepts covered and current market commentary, we recommend reviewing the supplemental resources accompanying this episode using this link: