Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association

Episode 31: Clint Sorenson, CMT, CFA

August 14, 2023 Clint Sorenson, CMT, CFA, Tyler Wood, CMT and Dave Lundgren, CMT, CFA Season 3 Episode 31
Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association
Episode 31: Clint Sorenson, CMT, CFA
Show Notes

How do the tenets of trend following apply to private equity and venture capital? What does Eminem’s final rap battle in 8Mile have to do with client communications strategies? How could macro volatility be a helpful landscape for active investors over the coming 18 months? Find answers to these and so much more in the latest episode #31 of Fill the Gap! 

This month’s featured guest is past CMT board member, author, OCIO, asset allocator and voracious lifelong learner, Clint Sorenson, CMT, CFA. Clint is a Co-Founder of WealthShield LLC and has long been dedicated to innovating and accelerating the investment landscape. His unique system leverages proprietary quantitative strategies, by fusing together behavioral finance, fundamental and technical analysis.

This month’s fast-paced conversation covers a ton of ground, so buckle up and sharpen your pencils for an interview that will impact your way of thinking about every aspect of your investment strategy!

Fill the Gap, hosted by David Lundgren, CMT, CFA and Tyler Wood, CMT brings veteran market analysts and money managers onto a monthly podcast.

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