Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association

Episode 30: Jamie Coutts, CMT

July 21, 2023 Jamie Coutts, CMT, Tyler Wood, CMT and Dave Lundgren, CMT, CFA Season 3 Episode 30
Fill The Gap: The Official Podcast of the CMT Association
Episode 30: Jamie Coutts, CMT
Show Notes

Technical Analysts know that "timing is everything." This month's interview could not come at a better moment as the global discussion around cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance and digital assets again takes center stage. Our longtime friend, past CMT Association Board Member, and exceptional market analyst  Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe is the Crypto Market Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence. His knowledge of market structure, on-chain analytics and macro context for this emerging asset class is unparalleled. 

Whether you are a maximalist, a dabbler, or even for those vehemently opposed to cryptocurrencies, the context provided by Jamie in this interview is critical knowledge for all financial professionals. With the launch of BlackRock's new Bitcoin ETF, Citadel's new crypto exchange, a steady clip of regulatory announcements, and institutional adoption/adaptation on the rise crypto is again at the forefront of national and global conversations. Stay informed. Fill the Gap in your knowledge of the space.

Enjoy episode #30 of Fill the Gap with special guest Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe.

Fill the Gap, hosted by David Lundgren, CMT, CFA and Tyler Wood, CMT brings veteran market analysts and money managers onto a monthly podcast.

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